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Add value to your portfolio or numismatic collection with these Brilliant Uncirculated U.S. Morgan Silver Dollars. Each Morgan Dollar is a piece of American history making it nostalgic as well as valuable.
Coin Highlights:
Contains .7734 oz actual Silver weight.
Individual coins come in protective plastic bags.
Multiples of 20 come in plastic tubes.
Multiples of 100 come in 100-count bags.
Multiples of 500 come in 500-count bags.
Obverse: Left facing profile of Liberty. Anna Willess Williams, a teacher and philosophical writer, modeled for this design by George T. Morgan of Lady Liberty.
Reverse: Features a bald eagle clutching an olive branch in one talon and a bundle of arrows in the other. Surrounding the eagle is "United States of America," "One Dollar," and "In God We Trust."
These 90% Silver Morgan Dollars from the Philadelphia mint will grade MS-60 to MS-63.

During the years 1878-1921, more than half a billion Morgan Silver Dollars were minted, making it one of America's best known coins. Claim one for yourself, collection or friend today.

The Morgan Dollar holds a special place in U.S. coinage as it was the first coin to feature Lady Liberty with an American look, rather than the traditional Greek style. Her cap is adorned with wheat and cotton as a tribute to America's agricultural history.

The image of the eagle was also updated for the Morgan Dollar, showing a proportionally correct eagle with beautifully designed feathers. He carries an olive branch, showing America's desire for peace, and is perched atop a bundle of arrows, signifying America's readiness to defend her borders against attack.

The Morgan Dollar flooded the markets from 1878-1904. Nearly two decades after production halted, the Morgan Dollar was seen again for one year only, in 1921, due to a renewed desire for this iconic, beautiful design. "Contact us for pricing and special offers. Click the button below to get in touch!"

1921 Morgan Silver Dollar BU *Call for Price*

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